Gelato 41 CBD Flower 14 %
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Gelato 41 CBD Flower 14 %

Gelato 41 CBD Flower - CBD rate 14 % - Don't Smoke

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Grown Mode

The CBD Flower Gelato 41 is cultivated in indoor, that is to say we cultivate it in the shelter, in our grown rooms

This grown mode allows us to control many factors: duration of exposure to the light, humidity, insects...

The indoor grown allows us to have premium quality flowers.

We use only organic soil and fertilizers for our cultures to have an authentic flavor.


The Sativa varieties give rather a "high" effect which supports the cerebral activity.

The Indica varieties give rather a stone effect, leading to a deep relaxation and rather to chill.

In the CBD there is no flower 100% Sativa or Indica but only dominances.

The difference between the Sativa and Indica effect is still less important in CBD cannabis than in classic cannabis.

The Gelato 41 is a variety of CBD cannabis mostly composed of sativa known for his high rate of CBD.

This hybrid comes from the Columbian gold, a Nepal indica, a Thai and an endemic Swiss.

That gives a fully energizer effect.

The Gelato 41 won several prices at the Cannabis Cup for their CBD content.


Advices Consumption

Our flowers can be consumed in several ways:

In vaporization: at more than 170 degrees.

In infusion: let infuse 10 minutes with a fat (oil, soy milk).

In cooking: to integrate in your best recipes.


Rate of CBD/THC

The Harlequin has a CBD rate of 14%, one of the highest rates we propose as a flower and which will help you to reduce your stress and help you to fall asleep, or against chronic pain.

All our flowers have a THC level lower than 0,2% and are thus legal in all Europe.

We obviously test all our flowers in a laboratory to guarantee this conformity.

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